Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth

Around our late teens or early twenties, our wisdom teeth (also known as rear or third molars) begin to erupt. These teeth can sometimes cause overcrowding in the mouth, or can become impacted in the gum when there is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate them. In most cases, it is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed if they cause any problems.

Common problems caused by wisdom teeth

Overcrowding of teeth
Damage to adjacent teeth
Decay & gum infections
Ulcers on the cheek
Chewing problems
Movement of other teeth
Interference with your bite
Your dentist may recommend removal of your wisdom teeth in order to treat these or any other current problems, or to simply prevent the development of problems in the future.

Extraction of wisdom teeth

In your initial consultation, we examine the current condition of your wisdom teeth and use x-rays to determine which wisdom teeth will be functional and which ones need to be removed. Once you are familiar and comfortable with our recommendation, we will provide you with all the pre- and post-surgical information you require, including details about your anaesthetic and postoperative care.

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