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When will you want to seek a mental health plan?

If you think you are having difficulties, no matter how great or how small they seem, it is worthwhile discussing them with your GP to see how things can be improved. Mental health issues are common, and a lot of people do not seek the treatment they need to live a better life.

You may want to discuss receiving treatment with your GP for help and support in a range of areas, including anxiety, pain management, trauma, driving anxiety after a car accident, depression, quit smoking, and topics such as motivation and goal setting.

For more information, read Dr Jonathan Wee’s FAQ below. Additionally, please call MC Medical and Dental on 1800-962-181.

Dr Jonathan Wee

What is a mental health care plan?

A mental health care plan is a written document made by your doctor after a diagnosis of a mental illness and mental health assessment is made. It is a plan which outlines all the steps you need to take to get better. It is also a government document which allows you to access government subsidies to see a psychologist.

How can my GP help with receiving the mental health care plan?

An MC Medical GP can do a thorough assessment, determine if you have any mental health conditions, and write up a mental health treatment plan with the goal of getting better. This can be done via Telehealth or in-person, and is also sent to your psychologist if you choose to see one.

What are your GP referral terms and conditions?

To qualify for a mental health care plan, you need to have a diagnosable mental health condition.

Does the government provide a rebate?

Yes. The government provides a rebate in creating this plan, but clinics may still charge a regular gap fee.  

Mental Health Plan FAQ

10 sessions, but this has been extended to 20 sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can, but you will miss out on the Medicare rebate. A referral to a psychiatrist and allied mental health services allow you to access a Medicare rebate.