Medical and dental in one location

Some people ask why we have both dental and medical in the same location. But it makes a lot of sense. It’s not like having an animal vet and a human doctor in the same location (Now THAT would be odd!) Doctors and dentists both have a high level of training and expertise in caring for the overall health of your body.

Quite a few health issues can be traced back to problems with oral health so it’s of benefit to have the two professions able to work closely.

Furthermore, MC Medical & Dental has its origins in dental, with two other clinics across Melbourne. The service in Docklands was expanded to include GP doctor consultation rooms because of a need identified in the area. The clinic owners were lucky enough to be able to design the facility from scratch. They made sure on-site pathology was included on the plans so that patients could depend on the centre to fulfil a broad range of medical needs.

And there you have it, both medical and dental working together to look after your total health and wellbeing. If you’d like to book in with an MC dentist or an MC doctor, you can book online using our online booking pages.

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