Dental Fillings (dental restorations)

What are dental fillings (dental restorations)?

Dental fillings, also known as dental restoration, are used to restore teeth and treat dental decay, especially in the molars (back teeth). Wear and tear are inevitable in back teeth as these teeth do most of the heavy chewing of food. However, regular cleaning, check-ups and a healthy diet can help with the prevention of problems and decay.

Receiving one or multiple fillings is a quick and straightforward procedure that can be done in a single dental appointment. Your dentist or oral health professional will remove any dental decay in the affected area with a drill or instrument. The hole is then cleaned and dried, and sealed up with the dental filling material.

What are the types of dental fillings?

Two types of teeth fillings are used today; dental amalgam (metal alloy) or tooth-coloured material. Other forms of dental fillings include gold or ceramic crowns. However, these are a more expensive alternative.

Dental amalgam often called ‘silver fillings’, is a metal alloy generally made up of mercury, silver and tin. It is an inexpensive dental filling option. However, the filling has a grey or silver appearance and is much more visible in the mouth.

Dental amalgam is not suitable for the following type of patients, and should be avoided:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Children
  • People with kidney disease

While no current scientific evidence links dental amalgam to ill health or birth defects, our recommendations are made for precautionary reasons.

Tooth-coloured (white) fillings have been used in front teeth restoration for cosmetic reasons for many years. Today it is widely used for the treatment of back teeth and has become a more widely used alternative to dental amalgam.

Regular dental check-ups will ensure any problems are identified and treated early. 

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The cost of a dental filling depends on how large and complex the repair is. On average, the approximate range is $120 to $400. Your dentist must assess the damage face-to-face to come up with a quote. MC Dental is open during COVID-19 and can give you a quote during a consultation. 

Dental fillings are often the cheapest, quickest, and the most conservative option for a tooth that requires a small to medium repair.

For a tooth with a moderate to heavy damage;

– Dental Crown/Onlay (covers almost the whole tooth).

For a tooth with irreparable damage;

– Likely require removal of the damaged tooth.


Just like anything, dental fillings can break. There are many reasons why dental fillings break, but the most common are:

-Unstable repair (for instance, the tooth was too damaged to support a filling)

-Heavy bite

-Uneven bite (often from having several teeth removed)

-Unnecessary/accidental pressure (by teeth grinding, excessively abrasive diet, trauma etc.)

We recommend that you see a dentist first for a proper assessment of your tooth. Once you receive a treatment plan (which may include fillings and other treatments), you can speak to the reception staff to sign up for a payment plan. We offer Zip payment plans options. You can read more about Zip here.

Make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible to assess the damage, even if there is no pain.

On average dental filling lasts up to 10 years. However, some other dental fillings may only serve for several years, as other factors aren’t conducive to its longevity. Your dental professional should be able to give you a more accurate idea of the prognosis of your dental filling. 

Depending on the difficulty of the repair, it can take anywhere between 10 minutes to over 1 hour.

Dental filling procedure is done under an anaesthetic injection, so there should be no pain during the filling procedure. It is normal to get some sensitivity after the procedure on the tooth for several days to a couple of weeks. If the pain persists, we recommend that you arrange a dental appointment with your dentist to have the tooth re-assessed.

Yes, children can get fillings. If you think your child needs a filling, then call the reception to have a dentist assigned to your child for a consultation.

Only if a temporary repair is needed (based on your circumstances). 

Generally, we do not recommend that you get a temporary filling when a permanent solution is available.

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