Children's dentistry

Children's dentistry

Dental care for children

Dental health is very important from an early age. It is recommended that children come in for their first dental visit at around 2 years of age. Aside from early diagnosis and prevention of oral disease, it is a fantastic opportunity for the child to become familiar with their family dentist and clinic, making future visits less daunting.

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Starting early

Looking after your child’s teeth from very young age will make a big difference to your child’s teeth in the future. They need to learn how to clean them, and how to protect them from things that could harm their teeth.

Here is a brief snapshot on what dental care you should provide your child from birth to 18 years of age:

Under 18 months of age

Child doesn’t require the use of toothpaste
Enough fluoride will be obtained through food and water
Front teeth will be developing – if your child swallows fluoride toothpaste they might develop white flecks on their adult teeth.
Ask your dentist if your area of residence that does not provide fluoridated water.

18 months – 5 years

Use low-fluoride toothpaste
Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste in the morning & last thing before bed
Toothpaste should be kept out of reach of the child to avoid accidental swallowing large amounts

6 years – 18 years (and adults)

Use a pea-sized amount of adult toothpaste
Select a toothpaste that suits your taste and budget.
Speak to your dentist about your child’s fluoride toothpaste needs
At MC Dental, we work with parents to ensure their children get regular dental check-ups, are educated about oral health care and develop healthy dental habits. We also will ensure your child’s first and subsequent visits to the clinic is as comfortable and easy as possible for both you and the child.

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