Telehealth Medical bookings

Telehealth Medical Bookings

Dr. Jonathan Wee

Dr Jonathan Wee

We have some fantastic news! Dr Jonathan Wee is now available for medical telehealth appointments.

Counsellor Nada Kamoo

Introducing counsellor Nada Kamoo
Our new counsellor Nada Kamoo is available via telehealth as well. Dr Kamoo is highly skilled in all forms of counselling, with a special interest in childhood trauma.

To our medical patients,

We have launched our new telehealth service.

We offer video call consultations with:

– ability to provide clinical information ahead of time, aimed at providing higher quality and efficient consults

– option to provide written plans

– eScripts (scripts sent via SMS)

– electronic pathology and radiology referrals

– electronic referrals

If your consultation is not suitable for telehealth, your doctor can assess and advise you early in the consultation, and you will not be charged.

To book, please click on the blue button or visit 

If you would like assistance in booking an appointment over the phone, please call 03 9988 2839