Medical bookings

Medical Bookings

Mon-Fri consult fees

Mon-Fri ConsultItem NumberFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket/GAP Payment
Standard 23$80.00$38.75$41.25
Long 36$116.30$75.05$41.25
Prolonged 44$151.75$110.50$41.25

 Children under 16 years of age and concession cardholders

Monday to Friday consultFeeMedicare/Health fund rebateOut of pocket/GAP payment
Long $90.05$75.05$15.00
Prolonged $125.50$110.50$15.00

 Full-time overseas students

Monday to Friday consultFeeMedicare/Health fund rebateOut of pocket/GAP payment
Long $108.30$75.05$33.25
Prolonged $143.75$110.50$33.25

Please note that MC Medical opens occasionally on Sundays. Please call the clinic to check availability or check the booking online HotDoc appointment schedule.

Sunday ConsultFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket/ GAP payment

-Children under 16 years with Medicare

Sunday ConsultFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket/ Gap payment

-Full time overseas students

Sunday ConsultFeeInsurance RebateOut of Pocket/ Gap payment

There will be a cost between $80- $116.30 payable prior to the video or phone connection. Rebates are now available for patients with a Medicare card. Bulk billing is available for some patients. For more information please read the FAQs.

For FAQs on video consultations please click here

Fees/ rebate depend on item number. Ask our friendly reception staff.

Other consultations requiring additional services may be charged a procedural equipment fee of between $10-$80

Travel vaccines will incur a private fee also for the purchase of the vaccine as they are not covered by Medicare.

Your doctor will explain any additional costs to you and obtain your consent prior to any treatment received.

Payment is required on the day.

We accept payment by Cash, EFTPOS, Amex, Visa and Mastercard. Your payment details will be sent by us to Medicare immediately and you will receive the rebate within the next couple of days.

All patients are asked to pay immediately after their consultation.

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For FAQs on video consultations, click here or please call 1800 962 181.